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We take the time to find out what it is you like and dislike, and together with your input we can offer a range of ideas and solutions that meet your requirements.

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We understand that sometimes it’s hard to visualize what the finished product will look like on completion. Our interior design service enables you to consult with a specialist with years of decorating experience. Here, you can discuss your preferences, and get a realistic expectation of what each product will provide, plus you will have a remarkable outcome when everything is complete. A home decorator with style and client satisfaction in mind, Donna Cully is our resident interior design consultant who has many years of experience. Donna has been known as the room stylist at O’Gorman’s for more than 30 years!


Decorating is about making choices to ensure rooms are inviting, warm and within your budget. We understand your desire to accomplish that perfect look for your home and to help make it feel more welcoming, comfortable and attractive or to add value should you ever decide to sell sometime down the road. It is our absolute pleasure to offer our services to assist you to reach those goals, and have your home looking absolutely delightful upon completion.

Custom-made Interiors

Our interior design consultants will walk you through our full range of tailor made blinds and other offerings such as custom-made bedheads, bedspreads, rugs and upholstery services to bring your entire interior together.

Fabric and Furnishings

We can help select the right style and fabric to ensure your furniture compliments your room. Chairs and lounge suites can be tailor-made for comfort, window box seats can provide a cozy seating area under a window, and ottomans can make an unused corner come to life. Our interior designers will show you how to transform your home.

Paint and Colour Selections

It’s hard to visualise a colour on a wall when all you have to reference are tiny swatches. Our interior design consultants have many years of experience to help ensure you make the right decisions for both internal and external paint choices. With O’Gorman’s you can be confident you’ll be happy with the end result.

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