O’Gorman’s Austrian blinds and festoons are a soft and elegant window furnishing, particularly suited to a period or Federation home. These traditional scalloped blinds have the fullness of a decorative drape and curtain yet they have the functionality of a blind.

Austrian blinds are a true feature of a room, if you are after a custom finish you have the choice of adding tassels and fringe, our experienced interior design consultants can walk you through the endless possibilities.

Austrian Blind with matching Upholstered Seat by O’Gormans

Austrian Blind by O’Gormans

Box Bay Window with an Austrian blind and Pelmet by O’Gormans

Austrian Blind in a Bay Window by O’Gormans

Austrian Blind in a Master Bedroom

Austrian Blind in a Girls Bedroom

Austrian Blind by O’Gormans

Sheer Festoon Blind with Drapes by O’Gormans

Festoon Sheer Blinds Fitted to a Door

Austrian Blinds with a matching pelmet