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Modernise your home and add both value and safety by considering an upgrade to motorised blinds.

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Motorised Blinds Melbourne

When our customers come looking for window coverings for their home, we take the time to analyse their lifestyle and their requirements. We know privacy and style are the two main focuses for their interior and external design. However, if you have children, then child safety is another important consideration when deciding on the features of your new blinds.

O’Gorman’s are Melbourne’s experts in motorisation and automation including centralising to a smart home system. Come in store, or call us, about what we can do to help improve your home and lifestyle today.


Designed for silence, simplicity and flexibility, Somfy is a trusted name when it comes to motorisation and home automation. The European motors use a patented technology to deliver a simple, effortless and quiet operation.

Somfy motors are available in both wired and RTS radio technology, giving you complete control of all your internal blinds, external awnings, curtains and even lights. With a unique selection of control solutions that meet your automation requirements, Somfy are the experts in providing you with the ultimate in convenience – all at the touch of a button.


Somfy Wire-Free motors are powered by high quality rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. Offering you the benefits of remote-control operation without the need for an electrician.

Somfy’s battery powered motors are an ideal solution for when electrical connections are difficult to install.


PowerView ® Motorisation offers customized control over a variety of different Luxaflex products, whether up, down, tilt or traverse you can seamlessly control your window furnishings via the PowerView App or via one of our stylish Pebble ® remotes.

PowerView allows you to quickly create customised Scenes that control all the shades in your home to operate simultaneously or in any combination you desire. You can then conveniently schedule those Scenes to suit your daily routine.

PowerView gives you the option to easily program your blinds to sunrise and sunset times, capitalising on solar energy throughout the seasons.


For a maximum energy efficient solution – the Merger® Solar Motor harnesses the power of the sun to operate the motor for Luxaflex® Evo External Awnings.

Designed and developed in Australia, the Merger® Solar Motor is powered by a 24v DC battery that recharges through sunlight. The motor’s simple integrated design features a discrete solar panel that can be angled for maximum energy absorption, which can vary from one home to the next. Furthermore, it requires no costly electrician to install.

Only a few hours of direct sunlight is required to re-charge the battery. this will be sufficient energy for several day’s operation; The Merger® Solar Motor is a simple way to bring energy efficiency into your home automation needs.


Imagine your window coverings anticipating your needs and to adjust itself remotely throughout the day? Well guess what? That day has now come! What was once an ordinary appliance is now made smart.

Motorisation is designed to simplify your life and the possibilities for smart homes are endless. Using a dedicated app, like the Powerview Hub or Somfys Connexoon you can effortlessly automate your shades to create the level of light and privacy you desire (even when you are not at home) from your mobile device or tablet.

When connecting your motorised window furnishings to a home automation app, you can also operate your window coverings using a simple voice command with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant. Adding Motorization to your window furnishings creates a whole new world of style and convenience, visit our showroom for a glimpse into the smart home of the future.

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Motorised Blinds

Thinking of upgrading to motorised blinds? Ask our Melbourne team about the options available today.