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Versatile and stylish, roller blinds are suitable for properties new and old.

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Roller Blinds Melbourne

Roller blinds are a great option for a simple yet classic solution. Whilst being modern and sleek, they are a cost-effective way to control light, glare, heat and still provide privacy.

You will find a suitable option in our operating systems which include the classic chain drive, a linked system that allows you to control up to 3 blinds simultaneously or a dual (day/night) roller blind bracket which allows you to control different fabrics in one system. There are also the options of enclosed head boxes, side channels and much more to meet with your needs and requirements.

A high-end solution is our motorisation technology—we welcome you to our showroom today for a full demonstration on how your roller blinds can be integrated onto your mobile phone and tablet, hence this becoming your remote control.

Much of our roller blind fabrics are designed to suit your light, glare, heat and privacy needs, including a range of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) textiles for those sensitive to the odour of fabrics. Many fabrics are sanitized treated – for optimal hygiene and treated with DURAGUARD® Fabric Protector to repel most stain-causing agents.

When you decide to purchase from O’Gorman’s, your purchase comes complete with confidence of knowing that your window coverings are manufactured and tested in Australia, specifically for our local climate and lifestyle.

Translucent Roller Blinds

Luxaflex QMotion Roller Blinds with Reverse Roll

Luxaflex Dual Roller Blinds

Luxaflex Roller Blinds

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