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Sheer Curtains


Project One

Canopy Awning

One of our favourite recent installations, this classic canopy awning adds a traditional charm to this elegant weatherboard home.

Canopy awnings are used to protect your doors and windows from the elements; you have the option of the awning being either fixed or retractable for installation over windows, doors and even walkways.

These custom made awnings are available in various shapes and styles including French, Wedge and Dutch hoods.

Project Two

Sheer Curtains

In consultation with our client Joel from CNC Construction, we decided that a great way to add elements of softness and sophistication to their contemporary home was by installing custom made Sheer SFold curtains.

Tailor-made linen curtains from the “Pasaya” collection were installed from ceiling to floor, enhancing the sense of height in the rooms and creating a chic, seamless, finish.

Our clients are thrilled with the results!

Project Three



“For the free-spirits, the truth-seekers and the quiet contemplators” – William Morris

Our client was looking to redecorate their stylish cottage retreat and wanted to emphasize the simple romantic ambiance of this haven, In order to redecorate this room, we decided to indulge in custom made William Morris window furnishings. The "Pure" range from William Morris experiments with lively prints, wonderful weaves and intricate embroideries.

In order to enhance the ambiance, an embroidered lace was chosen, complementing the room with the craved romantic vibe and our client could not have been more pleased.

If the sight of this cottage haven appeals to you and you feel the need to redecorate this stunning design for yourself, contact us today on 93504422.

Project Four

Luxaflex Silhouette


The Luxaflex Silhouette Shades are an all round blind. They are able to change the look of any room and add to the modern ambiance that is fast becoming a necessity and our most recent customer is a testament to that.

Our client was in need for a sleek work space to reflect the modern online make-up business, we worked to incorporate his need for function, beauty and sophistication. Not only do the Luxaflex Silhouettes in fabric 'Bon Soir' colour Ink Sketch look sleek and contemporary in this setting, but they can be adjusted effortlessly for complete light control. For us, the Silhouette Shades were an obvious choice.

In addition to this, the blinds were able to meet the high technical demands of the company, with seasonal settings for automatic adjustment according to the time of day all year round, all with the simple addition of Power view Motorisation.

Project Five

Sheer Curtains

When our friends at EAT Architecture came to us with plans for the window furnishings for this edgy warehouse apartment, we couldn't contain our excitement at the opportunity to put our expertise into the project.

We combined the original warehouse style with modern urban design trends to obtain the perfect window solutions for the beautiful floor to ceiling windows.

The structured S-Fold pleat creates a contemporary feel, and the linen fabric filters the natural light through the home creating a calm and tranquil living space

Project Six


From the walls to windows and feature furniture, a stunning apartment furnished by O’Gormans. We used wallpaper from the Romo Wallcoverings collection, S-Fold sheer curtains in Unique fabric and custom made upholstered dining chairs and bar stools in Camengo fabric.

A luxurious finish that transformed our clients home and lifestyle.

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