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Lace Plasticised Roller Blinds

Lace plasticised blinds are a decorative window dressing gracing the windows of many period style homes in Australia.

Plain and elaborate blind styles are available with an endless selection of trimmings, tassels and rings which can be added for extra detail if you wish. We are happy to tailor your curtains and blinds exactly to your liking; we understand how important it is to get your window coverings right.

Our showroom has a substantial selection of beautiful and true original 100% Cotton Madras Lace Sheers, Nottingham Laces, Madras and Nottingham Lace Panels. There are many reasons why lace plasticised blinds are still so popular today. Look at some of our recent projects below which showcase a few examples of this stylish window covering option complementing our homes today.

A Traditional Lace Blind for a Bathroom

Lace Plasticised Roller Blinds

Lace Plasticised Roller Blinds

Lace plasticised blinds.