Why is Verosol Metallisation better than any other on the market?

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Cornelis Verolme, Verosol’s founder, first invented the metallisation process by applying a very fine layer of aluminium (about 500th the thickness of a human hair) onto textiles, a finished product to allow reflection of Solar Energy when the fabric is hung up on the windows.
This process with so many fine-tuned steps was so complex, Verolme decided not to patent this method. His logic was that should he put a patent on this this process he would then have to reveal the formula and it would have become public knowledge all those years ago.
Verosol has since tested the copied metallised products offered on the market today and without exception their ability to perform by reflecting solar energy is below average, the glare reduction and heat reduction is not as adequate, similarly the thermal insulation in winter is also not as efficient.


The adhesion of the copied metal backings are not as effective. Why?
Two reasons:
1. There was a lack of knowledge in the recipe. There is an unknown factor to what Cornelis Verolme did back in the 1960’s when he invented the metallisation process.
2. The machinery and technology that is applied nowadays are made for the packaging industry, which is fine when it is working on paper and cardboard but it lacks in its optimal function on the open weave of textiles.


Verosol started metallising with Verolme’s original purpose built machine making fabrics at 1.5m wide in the year 1965 and then commissioned a new purpose built 2.4m wide machine in the year 2000. They are now in the final stages of rolling out their third metallisation machine capable of manufacturing 3.0m+ width fabrics.
Verosol don’t claim to be the best across the board in the blind industry, but they do lay claim to being the best in the industry at applying a fine aluminium layer onto textile to bring greater result in their product/fabrics which will result in greater comfort into homes, offices and a wide variety of buildings. They add to sustainability with a “Green” aspect to what they can achieve and provide Verosolutions on many Northern and Western facades.
Some reasons for choosing Verosol Metallised fabrics:
• 5 degrees cooler in summer
• A savings as much as 25% on power costs
• Equal to double glazing in winter
• Overall glare reduction
• Retaining external views
“The innovation was born and the name Verosol was created from the first four letters of Cornelis’ surname VERO and the word SOL, meaning sun”.

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